INTERFEL : Mon petit légumady




Food industry



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To discover or rediscover vegetables and their kind, through senses and imagination, and ignite a craving for cooking and sharing.
Intended for teachers or intervenants at school for kids aged between 6 and 11 years old, Mon petit Legumady is a tool allowing to carry out sensory activities around vegetables in all their forms (fresh, raw, cooked, assorted, frozen, canned). This educative and participative kit awakes taste, smell, hear, see, feel as well as imagination, providing kids with a different outlook on vegetables.


Conception of Mon petit légumady kit, composed of 41 activities divided in 7 sections.
The tool configuration leads to the creation of differents workshops per sens, and allows to adapt the activities depending on how skilled children are, how many they are, their level of autonomy and the time allocated to the activity.
The kit consists of an animation guide, activity sheets, vegetables sheets with details regarding how to set the workshop as well as specific elements such as food colourants, modelling clay and magnifying glasses. This educational kit can also be used during the distribution of fruits and vegetables at school.

GoD has also created a flyer and a trailer to promote this tool.
Presentation video

Production run

2000 units