Advisory & tailor-made games

Game creation, be it a card or board game, or a serious game, is not a simple exercise. This is precisely why we offer our services and accompany you on your game projects.

We put a team of professionals at your disposal, in order to follow your project from start to finish and to ensure that the end result lives up to your expectations. We invent tailor-made games from scratch and offer you advice on your own game creation, in keeping with your objectives, your target audience and with the subject matter at hand.

We can step in at the various different stages of game creation:

  • Requirements analysis: target audience, objectives, technical constraints…
  • Idea/brainstorming + Test + Validation
  • Game creation : choice of format (card or board game, smartphone application, game console/tablet, Flash application, serious game…), corporate/organisation graphic identity, illustrations, packaging/finish
  • Development (m-media games, widgets etc) / Manufacture (physical games & products)
  • Delivery

Discover some our game creations...

For further details please contact us at phone +33 5 62 17 16 18.