Serious Game & Advergames

By developing multi-media games with a view to learning (EduTainment), Abeilles Communication offers interactive solutions to companies, associations and institutions seeking to improve the way they communicate, train or recruit.

Serious games combine fun game scenarios with serious content, adapted to specific player types, and provide the player with life-like situations and settings to learn on. AdverGames, or literally advertising games, allow brand promotion via a game.

These game types open up communication opportunities in your company internally, to...

  • Accompany induction courses
  • Re-create conditions for decision-making
  • Change staff behaviour

...or externally to:

  • Increase corporate notoriety
  • Improve corporate image
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Support your public outreach initiatives

Serious games or advergames are excellent tools for communicating on your corporate values. We are all ears to find out about and to accompany your forthcoming campaigns and projects.

Discover our game creations...

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